Haunted House Quality Props For Halloween

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Ready to take your haunted house home to the next level? These are quality props some of the best haunted houses in the country use. These props are made by the company seen on Season 2 of Making Monsters. From haunted houses to Alice Cooper, these guys provide high impact and super intense props.

fat zombie headFat Zombie Head

Expertly painted foam filled latex. Stick this on a pike and trick or treaters will be a little more wary when using your Victorian door knocker.

half dead animatedHalf Dead Animated Body

Heavy duty electric motor lifts zombie right to left as he struggles to get going. Realistic organic movement. Movie quality high end electric character. Foam filled with sturdy metal armature. Extreme realism. Includes CD soundtrack and movement control.

Browse some of the other several dozen unsettling real Halloween props. Aliens, zombies, clowns, body parts, and other scary props. With limited supply, check out some of the animated bodies which operate on battery and will drag themselves around on their own. Your friends and neighbors will never forget nor forgive you for scaring them this year.


Night of the Vampire by The Moontrekkers

You Are Alone by The Flaming Lips


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