The 13 Tricks of Halloween by Matthew Zeller

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Halloween Song - Let It Sail
The 13 Tricks of Halloween is a fun and catchy pop rock tune. Influences of Weird Al Yankovic, Tenacious D, or Adam Sandler touch on this duet between a cursed man and his wicked witch on the night of Halloween.

If you have ever seen the movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and you enjoyed the Peter Bretter character’s unique musical sound, you may very much like and appreciate the musical styling of The 13 Tricks of Halloween.

The song is comical as much as it is sincere. The overall blend of instruments creates an epic yet simple and fun sound that one could easily sing along to. Playing this song in the background at any Halloween party would be appropriate as there are no curse words for children to have to be subjected to and adults would enjoy it as well since the playful tone and words are enjoyable.

The 13 Tricks of Halloween song’s lyrics are a loose rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas song. “Ten mummies marching…” is one of the lyrics that just goes to show a preview of what audiences are in for when they turn up the volume on this song.

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