Fun Halloween Food Ideas

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For those looking to throw a true Halloween-themed party, one must go beyond just decorating their door and having their guests dress up. To show one’s true Halloween enthusiasm, one may go as far as possibly decorating the inside of their house, playing horror movies on the television in the background, or even dressing up their pets. But the most important task that every true Halloween party thrower must do would be to serve food and drinks that are enriched with the macabre yet fun Halloween spirit while also keeping the overall price tag to a minimum.

Depending on what kind of Halloween party you are trying to throw, whether it be over the top or kid-friendly, will determine what drinks you can assemble. To keep on theme with the usual orange and black colors of Halloween, an easy and inexpensive drink you can mix for your guests would be simply glasses of orange juice with vodka next to glasses of orange soda mixed with grape soda and your choice of liquor to make black punch. If you were to host a party that included children, you could just leave the alcohol out of both drinks and serve orange juice and black punch.

Another popular drink your guests would love would be a simple pumpkin spice drink that is three-fourths cider and one-fourth Goldschlager.

Many punch recipes can easily be found on the internet, but whatever punch you prefer to make, if you make the punch in a punch bowl and not as individual drinks, one very interesting way to make your punch unique would be to throw chunks of dry ice into the bowl. When stirred, this will cause the liquid to steam and produce a smoke-like effect to make it look as if a witch just stepped away from her bowl of poison. Just remember to be careful not to touch or include the dry ice into the cups you pour the punch into. To be safe, have yourself or one of your helpers be the one to serve your guests the drinks to be sure no dry ice gets into their glasses.

Along with fun drinking times comes the need for delicious and Halloween themed food. There are many recipes one could choose from and find on the internet  – check out our Pinterest page for a starting point. To name one easy dish you could prepare that both adults and kids would appreciate would be a mud pie with chocolate pudding and gummy worms. This is a tasty treat that is both sweet and definitely on the gross side of possible dishes which a Halloween party must have.

You can also make regular deviled eggs, stick black olives in the center of each one of them, and use red food coloring with a toothpick to make the veins in the eyeball. This will be a hearty but also sick twist to an especially delicious appetizer.

You could also create a sick twist on the pigs-in-a-blanket recipe by forming the dough around the hot dog to the shape of a mummy. Also shaping spam into the form of a heart is an easy and tasty dish to offer to your guests.

Whatever type of Halloween party you are going to throw, never to forget to remember the basics and have bowls of candy and cookies readily available in every room of your home that your guests will be able to enjoy. Providing creative and tasty treats and drinks to your guests will not only make your party a more pleasurable experience, but it will also show everyone that you appreciate not only the fun of Halloween but your guests’ presences as well.


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