A Jersey Shore Halloween Party

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Having a Jersey Shore themed Halloween party is not as easy as you’d think to pull off. You need the duck phone, costumes, the right lingo, and of course, music. With Halloween just around the corner and coming up fast, you’re going to want to make sure you have the best party ever.

You may have to skip out on the duck phone, as they are quite expensive on Ebay now. You can instead settle for the Jersey Shore Duck Phone Ringtone and make sure you keep calling each other. Download the ringtone on iTunes now.Jersey Shore Duck Fone Theme (SMS/Text Alert) - Themes Sms Alerts

Next up you’ll need to practice your guido lingo and body language. Search on youtube for all the videos you can handle.

20% Off a single Item in the Cart from SpiritHalloween.com! Use Promotional Code: SPAFF20For costumes, I highly recommend getting something from Spirit. They are cheap and can deliver fast. Oh, and you can’t beat getting 20% off!

Last, but most important, is your Jersey Shore Halloween music. While in itself Jersey Shore music is not exactly scary or Halloween-themed, its important to play the right kind of music. You’ll want house music for your Halloween party. If you have songs with Jersey Shore quotes thrown in, that’s even better.

Hallowmix just so happens to have a FREE music download to a one hour long Jersey Shore mix complete with house music and hilarious Jersey Shore quotes.

If you did anything at all right, your party is going to last longer than an hour, so you’ll need more than just that song. If you want more free Halloween music, check out the Mashup downloads, or look through the other genres of Halloween party music.


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