How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party

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How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party | Party planning guide for a spectacular Halloween party! These awesome ideas will make your Halloween party festive and memorable. Unearth secrets for hosting a wicked event. |

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party

Planning a fun and memorable Halloween Party can be wicked easy with this Halloween party planning guide. Get ready to dig up ground-breaking secrets for how to throw a wicked Halloween party in style. So what are you waiting for? Let’s prop open a coffin of ideas and bring your guests’ nightmares to life. Here are all the nail-scratching details for planning your monster hit.

Create a Killer Halloween Party Invitation

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Your Halloween party invite should include date and time, venue, and an activity “tickler” to generate a sense of mystery and excitement. Let guests know if they should wear a costume, and if they should bring an appetizer or drink to share. If it’s an adult’s only Halloween party, be sure to state that on the invitation or you may end up having several little ghouls floating around.

Halloween Decorations

A completely wicked Halloween party requires drop-dead decorations. It’s all about setting the stage and giving the event a good bone structure. Atmosphere is everything. Invest in realistic-looking Halloween decor that you can save and use from year to year. This is one area of wicked Halloween party planning that you don’t want to skimp on. We recommend collecting quality items that will transform your Halloween party venue into a haunted house with graveyard and dungeon. Read on for a complete description on how to do it in style!

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party | Step-by-step party planning for a memorable event that will be the talk of the town for years to come. |

Halloween Party: Festive Bar

In your garage or basement, designate a corner area for setting up a small Halloween party bar. If you don’t have a portable bar you can easily build a basic one. If you will be serving blended drinks, be sure you have easy access to an outlet. Place a rectangular 6′ folding table behind the small bar where you can store bottles of liquor, cups, etc. Under the table is a great area to store extra Halloween party supplies until they’re needed. Set up large ice chests full of beer, soda and water next to the bar. On a smaller table set up a popcorn machine.

For a smash hit hire a bartender to create a signature drink for your Halloween party. To find a bartender at a reasonable cost, contact a local bartending school. A newbie bartender is a perfect fit for a Halloween party, especially if you limit the type of cocktails offered to just four or five. And for more fun, use glow-in-the-dark bottle labels for all your bottles of Halloween party liquor.

When people are feeling festive they enjoy participating in social activities. If you own a foosball table or billiard table, set it up nearby. Also remember to set up speakers for Halloween party music. If you’re running extension cords remember to secure them down with thick gray tape to prevent a trip-and-fall hazard. And for music, there are plenty of great CDs that offer a good mix of spooky and rocking Halloween party tunes that you can use.

Halloween Party: Graveyard Set-up

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party | Graveyard Scene | confettiandbliss.comTombstones, Zombie Arms, Animated Zombie, Bones, Black Birds, Skeleton Cat, Black Tarp, Potting Soil, Shovel, Lantern, Smoke Machine

In anticipation of your Halloween party, reserve a fourth of your garage or basement for setting up a graveyard. Preparations begin by visiting a large park. Collect enough fallen leaves to fill three or four large plastic lawn bags. Inside your garage lay down a series of black tarps. For covering larger areas purchase a roll or two of thick black plastic from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Create a realistic landscape by placing long, square or rectangular items beneath the black tarps or black plastic to give lift to various areas, such as those beneath the tombstones. In a corner of the garage, create an open grave site using two long boards and two short boards beneath the tarp. Place a shovel on a mound of dirt beside the open grave site. Shovel more dirt and/or potting soil on top of the tarps to create a realistic graveyard scene. Structure a few mounds of dirt here and there to give texture to the area. Scatter fall leaves over the graveyard landscape and the floor of the garage for a seamless outdoor look. The musty smell of dirt and leaves will add an important touch to the overall feel of the spooky, age-old cemetery. Distribute bones and skulls here and there throughout the graveyard area. Ready the smoke machine for your Halloween party.

Halloween Party: Creepy Basement Dungeon

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party | Dungeon SceneDungeon Wall, Dungeon Windows, Drop-down Dungeon Scene, Skeletons, Chains, Bonds, Accessories

Reserve another area of your garage or basement for creating a creepy dungeon. To distinctly divide the graveyard and dungeon sections, place a barrier between the two. Drape the barrier with either black plastic or black tarps and cover the edges with spider webs. On the side of the barrier facing the graveyard, place dungeon wall windows to give the effect that the barrier is actually the exterior of the dungeon building. Within the interior of the dungeon, cover three walls with a roll of dungeon wall decor along with the dirt floor. Situate the skeletal prisoners along the walls using chains and bonds. Place a drop-down dungeon scene in the middle of the dungeon area. If time allows, build a simple trap door with hinge and handle out of lumber scraps. Scatter rats on the dungeon floor. Across from this area create another stone wall. Hang prisoner keys on a nail. Use a “do not enter” door banner, torches and other wall accessories to create the effect of having a deep, long dungeon with more dungeon cells. Here are the basic components for staging a realistic dungeon that will horrify your Halloween party guests.

Indoor Halloween Party Scene: Haunted House

How to Throw a Wicked Halloween Party | Fabulous ideas for hosting a memorable event. | confettiandbliss.comSpider Webs, Bats, Black Lights, Candelabra, Spider Web Tablecloth, Flickering Candles, Witch’s Hand, Spooky and Creepy Figurines

View the purchase of quality Halloween items as an investment that can be reused for years to come. For a spectacular Halloween party scene, stage your main living area as well as a backyard patio as a haunted house. Let your imagination run wild with ideas for indoor Halloween party decor. Within these areas set up your Halloween food, punch and dessert tables. By keeping these food stations separate from your basement bar area you’ll create several unique spaces throughout your home where your Halloween party guests can socialize.

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Gold Line: Sprinkles of Inspiration | confettiandbliss.comIs there a fabulous Halloween party you remember fondly? What made the event memorable? Share your thoughts and planning tips in the comment section below. I wish you the best for throwing a wicked Halloween party with style! Have a horrifyingly good time.

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  1. This post just got me SO EXCITED for Halloween!!!! I love all of these ideas, and many of them seem easy enough to do alone and on a budget. I just may have to throw a Halloween party now πŸ™‚ XO

    • Yay, Kelsey! I’m so glad you’re inspired to throw a fun Halloween party. There’s still plenty of time to send out invites and plan one wicked event. πŸ™‚

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  2. Halloween is huge in our family.. we love it. We just moved from an apt to a house, so I’m super excited to decorate this year.. thanks for the tips!

    • Trista, I’m so excited for you! Moving to a new house calls for a lovely housewarming party. If you throw a Halloween-themed event, it would be both fabulous and memorable.

    • Halloween is a very exciting time! My advice is to invest in a few quality Halloween items each year. Before you know it you’ll have a fantastic collection that you can use to throw big, spooky, memorable events. Nancy, thanks so much for stopping by! πŸ™‚

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  4. Great ideas! I love the graveyard and haunted house ideas. We used to have neighbors that had a haunted house every year. Then they moved away :(. It was a lot of fun!

    • Thank you so much, Chrissa! I’m so happy that you love these fun Halloween party tips. My husband made a portable bar with a chalkboard in front so we can style the board as we create signature drinks for each of our different parties. πŸ™‚


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