The Largest Vintage Halloween Collection in Northern California

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We were lucky enough to be invited to photograph the largest private collection of vintage Halloween items in Northern California. With limited time to view, we photographed like mad, furiously burning through batteries and flashes.

There are many collectors of vintage holiday items including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, and our personal favorite, Halloween.  Collections like this one have been acquired over many long years of going to yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, auctions, and trolling the aisles of antique malls.  More recent sources include Esty and eBay.  While you might get lucky on occasion and find a vintage item at a very low price, don’t be surprised to see such items priced from $20 to over $300 depending on condition and scarcity.

The collection of amazing Halloween items includes:

  • Decorations
  • Greeting cards
  • Games
  • Dinnerware
  • Masks
  • Photos
  • Toys
  • And plenty of memories from years gone by.

The 13 Tricks of Halloween by Matthew Zeller

Superliminal by Deadmau5